Yacht & Charter Boat app development

Utilise our Yacht and Charter Boat app development to enhance your boat business and attract more potential customers. Witness the growth of your business as you take advantage of our next-gen Yacht / Charter Management App Development services, elevating your boat business to new heights.

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Key Highlights of Our Yacht | Charter Boat Application Development

We develop applications integrated with prominent features tailored for our specific business sector.

Admin View

The administrator possesses the capability to oversee both users and boat owners via the dashboard. They can review all processed and unprocessed requests for boat rentals.


Users will have the flexibility to choose from various payment options as our app supports multiple monetary systems. 

Within-App Chat

Users and hosts can conveniently communicate with each other using the integrated chat tool within the mobile application.

Reporting and Analytics

Our app offers real-time reports on boat rental statistics, including popular boat categories and order numbers, ensuring informed decision-making.

Efficiently manage various types of boats, ensuring up-to-date information on their availability aligns with rental arrangements.

Manage fares & location charges.

The admin oversees and manages all price structures, charges, and rental costs for locations and navigation routes.

Core Features

Charter boat applications typically include core features such as booking management, real-time availability updates, secure payment processing, customer reviews and ratings, GPS tracking for live location updates, messaging and communication tools between users and boat owners, trip customisation options, and notification alerts for booking confirmations and reminders. These features are essential for ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for both boat owners and customers looking to charter a boat for various purposes.

Charter Boat App

Easy Login

The first feature users encounter is accessing the app using their email or social media credentials.

Variety of Boat Types

Users can select their preferred type of boat and reserve it for various purposes.

Arrange Booking

Customers can choose their desired boat and access basic information about it, facilitating easy booking scheduling.

Make a Reservation

This feature enables users to instantly reserve boats for hire to address urgent or essential needs.

Manage Bookings

Users can manage bookings and time periods effortlessly with a single swipe.

Fare calculator | Hourly rates

Here, users can calculate subsequent KM ranges based on the distance to be covered. You can also simply add your hourly rates and minimum charter times per vessel.

Payments and Receipts

Users can pay for incurred fare costs using digital payment systems. Passengers use a bar code ticket system on boarding.

Notifications and Alerts

Users receive notifications, alerts, and SMS for booking confirmations, app updates, payment transfers, and more.

Tracking and security

Customers can track their location in real-time and share it with friends for safety assurance.

Owner Login

The boat owner can log in similarly to the admin panel, using an OTP verification code sent to their mobile phone or email account.

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Charter Boat App 3

Accept/Reject user requests.

The owner can accept or reject user requests based on request quantity and type.

Manage the captain's details

The boat owner oversees all captains working for the rental firm.

Manage boat kinds

The admin oversees all boat types for activities like sailing, fishing, superyacht, water sports, etc.

Add staff costs, wharf fees, catering costs

Owners can manage additional boat rental details here, including wharf fees, catering, beverages, wait staff, bar staff, BYO fees and galley manager costs.

Manage profits

Owners can review their earnings weekly or monthly based on the number of user requests received.

Advance ​Features

Our Yacht | Charter Boat  Booking platform provides everything businesses need to start from scratch.

Offers and Discounts

Cloud Storage

GPS Tracking

Analytics & Statistics

Employee data

In-app chat

Why Choose Our Yacht | Charter Design App?

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White label, Pre-built solution

100% Customizable

Faster Algorithm

High-End Security

Best designed user experience

User friendly UI/UX

App Launch on iOS and Android

Why Choose Our Yacht | Charter Boat​ App?

In today’s mobile-centric era, being readily available in users’ pockets is paramount. The Yacht | Charter Boat Management App is poised to revolutionise the sharing economy, and listing your boat company on the rental marketplace puts you ahead. This app not only opens up additional revenue streams but also mitigates risks while ensuring transparency and payment security.

Stay ahead, reach potential customers, and gain a competitive edge quickly.

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Our App Development​ Process

Understanding Requirements

Consultation & Strategy

UI/UX Designing

Back-end & API Development

App Development Planing

Testing and Launch

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our boat rental service offers various login options, allowing users to sign in through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail, among others.

We offer round-the-clock support to our clients, ensuring they receive top-notch assistance and guidance at all times. Our commitment is to deliver products that are free from bugs, making every effort to ensure utmost quality.

Boat owners can input their boat’s specifications and hourly rates, catering, beverages staff costs into the admin page. Users seeking to rent a charter boat can then choose the one that best fits their requirements. 

Once all of your payments have been made, you will, in fact, be able to take complete ownership of your application. We also offer milestone payments during development if required. The design source code | development codes remains our Intellectual property.  

Our team of specialists across various fields will assist you in customising the app to meet all of your specific requirements. The Yacht | Charter Boat application is a module added to our existing application. Additional customisations outside of the module are at the owner cost. 

Generally six weeks from Introduction to final uploads to Apple IOS store and Android Play Stores. It can also take up to 8 weeks, depending on any additional owner customisations.

The cost is around AUD 9,500 for the full application and design costs for the Yacht | Charter boat Industry. Extra customisations are paid for separately.

Yacht & Charter Boat App Development

Utilize our Yacht and Charter Boat app development to enhance your boat business and attract more potential customers.

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